The free app Avenza Maps lets you view maps of Linville Gorge on your smartphone with a “You Are Here” marker on the map even if you don’t have cell phone reception.  Everybody loves this app!


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It’s super easy!  Download the free Avenza Maps app from Google Play if you have an Android phone, or the App Store if you have an iPhone.


Get the Map

These maps can be downloaded for free!




More Info

Avenza Maps not only displays your map but also uses your smartphone’s GPS capability to place a “You Are Here” marker on the map — extremely helpful in keeping you from getting lost.  GPS signal is more reliable than cell phone reception in Linville Gorge, so the “You Are Here” feature will usually function even if you can’t make a call or get text messages or data.

Avenza Maps also includes the capability to record your hike and superimpose your track on the map.  This feature is a ton of fun!  Even experienced GPS users now find themselves leaving their GPS unit at home and just bringing their smartphone with Avenza Maps.

Many report that their phone battery lasts longer if they put the phone in “airplane mode” while in the gorge.  If your phone has this feature you may want to learn more about it.  The basic idea is that the phone conserves battery life by ceasing to struggle uselessly to obtain a cell signal. It will however maintain its GPS position, so you can continue to enjoy your map.

The free version of Avenza Maps will occasionally prompt you to upgrade to the paid version, but the license permits you to stick with the free version if you’re just using the app as an individual.

If you have problems check out Avenza support.  You can also get community support on The Linville Gorge Facebook Group.

Be sure to check out the PDF Maps Store.  Many more maps are available either free or for a modest price.