A number of individuals and non-profit organizations are active in the gorge — maintaining trails, collecting trash, studying flora & fauna, updating trail maps, removing invasive plants, ….  A lot of work goes into keeping this wilderness available.  If you’d like to help, check out the contact information below:


General Information, Adopt-a-Trail Program

Kevin Massey, Linville Gorge Volunteer Coordinator for the Forest Service


Mountains-to-Sea Trail (including Shortoff and Table Rock Gap)

Doug Veazy, Friends of the Mountain-to-Sea Trail


Rock Jock Trail

Mike Jones, The Gorge Rats


Latest from the Trail Work Blog


Big Tires! Phase Two

Continuing the project started last week, volunteers moved the four giant tires below Wiseman’s View up the boulder field to the cliff base. In a few weeks, the Linville Central Rescue Squad will conduct a training exercise to pull them up the cliff and out of the Gorge for good!                                

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Big Tires!

Today volunteers started rounding up the four gigantic tires that hooligans pitched off the Wiseman’s View overlook a few years ago.  Weighing over 300-lbs each, these front loader tires are no joke to carry across the boulder field below the cliffs.  Serious dedication and teamwork!   Cleaning Up Your Wilderness It takes a village to raise a 350-lb ...

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Six miles, Four tires, One cooler…

After the floods over 35 years ago that brought hundreds of tires into this wilderness area, people thought the Gorge would never be tire-free again.  Outward Bound made a huge effort to cleanup in the 80’s.  Now it’s become a popular challenge to carry out a tire whenever visiting the river.  The result?  It’s getting hard ...

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Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

Today a small but dedicated team removed a 100-lb tractor trailer tire and other trash from the Linville River near Devil’s Hole Trail, hiking it out 2 miles and up 1400 feet!          

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FMST Works Wolf Pit

Today, Friends of Mountains-To-Sea Trail hiked the aftermath of the White Creek Fire, clearing fallen trees from Wolf Pit and the MST. (Photos: Don Williams)                                  

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Fun on the Fonta Flora

Today a team of dedicated volunteers located and removed hundreds of pounds of trash near the new MST-Fonta Flora Connector Trail. The trash was left behind from the set of the 1992 film “The Last of the Mohicans”. (Photos: Nicholas Massey)                        

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CVCC Cleans Campsites

While one team was cutting “cookies”, another headed down to the Linville River to rehab some oversize campfire rings on the Linville Gorge Trail (LGT).          

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Cutting “Cookies” with Crosscut Saws

Today a team from Catawba Valley Community Collage (CVCC) helped veteran trail volunteer Jonathan Massey cut “cookies” from a fallen tree to be used in a wildlife study later this year. (Photos: Kevin Massey)                            

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Teens Toting Trash

Today volunteers of all ages moved trash (including 30 tires!) from the floodplain near Daffodil Flats down to the Blue Hole tire cache. In few months the trash will be carried out of the gorge for good! (Photos: Kevin and Nicholas Massey)                                          

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Plunge Basin Beautification: Part Two

Following up on their success from the January 17 Clean-up, volunteers returned today to continue work at the Linville Falls Plunge Basin.  One more trip and this area will be clean!            

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