A number of individuals and non-profit organizations are active in the gorge — maintaining trails, collecting trash, studying flora & fauna, updating trail maps, removing invasive plants, ….  A lot of work goes into keeping this wilderness available.  If you’d like to help, check out the contact information below:


General Information, Adopt-a-Trail Program

Kevin Massey, Linville Gorge Volunteer Coordinator for the Forest Service


Mountains-to-Sea Trail (including Shortoff and Table Rock Gap)

Doug Veazy, Friends of the Mountain-to-Sea Trail


Rock Jock Trail

Mike Jones, The Gorge Rats


Latest from the Trail Work Blog


Sawing on Rock Jock

Today volunteers cleared more than two dozen fallen trees off Rock Jock trail! (Photos: Kevin Massey)                              

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Haulin’ Rock on the LGT!

  Today a crew of trailwork veterans hiked in Conley Cove Trail to repairing collapsed trailbed and oversize fire rings on the Linville Gorge Trail (LGT)!                   

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Trail Crew on Conley Cove

  Today volunteers of all ages worked on the Conley Cove and Linville Gorge Trails. The team picked up trash, cleared brush, reduced oversize campfire rings, and cut fallen trees from the trail corridor. What an awesome crew!                    

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Trailwork on the LGT


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Digging and Sawing on the LGT

  Today volunteers carried crosscut saws and hoes for miles to clear fallen trees and restore eroded trailbed along the Linville Gorge Trail. What a great crew!                          

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Crosscuttin’ at Conley Cove

Today a team of volunteers hiked down the Conley Cove Trail to remove fallen trees from a badly eroded portion of the trail. While they were there, they carried out one, lonesome, tire. (Photos: Kevin Massey)            

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Get ‘Em Outta Here!

Whew, what a day! After a year of preparation, volunteers removed 130 tires from Linville Gorge for good! Thanks to local landowners, the crew of seasoned tire veterans only had to carry the tires to the Wilderness boundary and load the trash onto a tractor! A big thank you to all the organizations and people who ...

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FMST on Beacon Heights

Today volunteers with Friends of Mountains-to-Sea Trail repaired the badly eroded trail on Beacon Heights.                       

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Wiseman’s View Tire Rescue

Linville Gorge community volunteers worked together yesterday to finally rid the wilderness of four 350-lb tires that hooligans threw off the Wiseman’s View overlook into the forest hundreds of feet below. Special thanks to volunteers from the Linville Central Rescue Squad, Appalachian Mountain Rescue Team, and members of Banner Elk and Linville fire departments who were ...

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Big Tires! Phase Two

Continuing the project started last week, volunteers moved the four giant tires below Wiseman’s View up the boulder field to the cliff base. In a few weeks, the Linville Central Rescue Squad will conduct a training exercise to pull them up the cliff and out of the Gorge for good!                                

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