LGMAPS.org is free, but Linville Gorge isn’t. Nonprofit organizations spend thousands of dollars to organize volunteers, work with government agencies, and ensure that our wilderness withstands the wear and tear from tens of thousands of visitors each year.

Here are three community organizations that can use your help, your participation, and your financial support.



Wild South organizes extensive stewardship and
conservation projects in Linville Gorge Wilderness.

How You Can Help: Pack out trash. Put out campfires. Leave the wilderness wilder than you found it.

How You Can Participate: Volunteer for trailwork, invasive species removal, mapping, and other projects. Contact Kevin Massey at kevin@wildsouth.org.

Donate to Wild South: Donations to Wild South can be made online at WildSouth.org




FMST maintains the Mountains-to-Sea Trail in
Linville Gorge and the Grandfather Ranger District.

How You Can Help: Keep MST campsites clean. Minimize campfires. Clear small deadfall off the trail.

How You Can Participate: Volunteer for trailwork on the first and second Mondays of each month. Contact Doug Veazey at doug.veazey@gmail.com

Donate to FMST: Please contact Doug Veazey at doug.veazey@gmail.com to find out the current tooling and training needs for our local MST crew.




Burke County Rescue Squad responds to
Linville Gorge’s extremely high incident rate.

How You Can Help: Lack of preparedness accounts for an estimated 90% of Linville Gorge rescue incidents.  Be prepared!

How You Can Participate: If you live nearby, volunteer on the Burke SAR team.  Contact Chris Brown at 828.443.4801 or Jimmy Vance at 828.443.7945.

Donate to BCRS: Burke County Rescue Squad is a nonprofit, not a government agency.  Please call BCRS chief Chris Brown at 828.443.4801 to offer financial support.