Team Fords River with Dozens of Tires

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After a monumental effort to move the Daffodil Flats trash cache downriver to the Linville Gorge Trail crossing, volunteers went the extra mile and carried the junk across the river to the last stage of its journey out of the … Continued

Troop 899 on Duty at Spence Ridge

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Troop 899 completed their quarterly trail maintenance on the Spence Ridge Trail today.  Most of the work was cleaning out the drains — a critical element in this wide trail that collects a lot of rain that can quickly wash … Continued

Propane and Propane Accessories

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Today a Babel Tower trail crew encountered an extremely heavy tank of propane down by the river along with a full complement of other junk.  Little stuff is often left behind by campers, but sometimes really big objects like this tank are … Continued

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