Google Earth Fire History Update

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Thanks to help from the Grandfather District, we now have data for the 2000 Brushy Ridge Fire and 2007 Pinnacle Fire, which can now be viewed along with other wildfire history in the LGMAPS Collection for Google Earth.  

GE Tour of Grand Loop

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This Google Earth tour is part of a project to develop an official loop trail for Linville Gorge.  The video and the loop are both still in the works, but the point here is that Google Earth can be a … Continued

Fall Equinox Today

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Three months of sunrises, from the summer solstice until the fall equinox (today), as seen from Wiseman’s View in Linville Gorge.  Simulation in Google Earth.  At the summer solstice the sun rose over Hawksbill, and by midwinter it will come … Continued